One of the toughest and most versatile series of multi-purpose load carriers ever built, the Multidrive is precision-engineered in the UK for quality and durability and has forged a worldwide reputation as the ultimate all-terrain load-carrier.

Featuring a true 4WD system that delivers power to all four wheels simultaneously for consistent traction, Multidrive machines improve safety; enable operators to work in tough terrain and challenging conditions – enhancing both precision and control.

With a sprayer tank capacity of up to 9,000-litres or a maximum payload weight of 14,000kg there are few machines in the world that can match the raw productive potential of the Multidrive.

Fast and comfortable on the road and safe and stable in the field – the Multidrive not only expands the working area of operators but also enables them to work in a wider range of conditions and terrains.

A wide range of optional equipment is available, including demountable sprayers and spreaders.

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