#1 - It's the ultimate low ground pressure sprayer - protecting crops and preventing ruts

#2 – The Agribuggy’s Gen III 360-degree curved glass cab offers outstanding visibility and safety

#3 - Mechanical drive technology delivers unrivalled torque and traction in the field.

#4 - Greater power to weight ratio and fuel economy than any of its rivals.

#5 - Easy to master within minimal training required

#6 - Drive at speeds of up to 50km/h on the road - reducing travelling time to and from jobs. The ride is safe and stable and fuel costs are lower than that of hydrostatic machines which need more power and higher revs to match the speed of the Agribuggy.

#7 - An innovative ‘floating’ console moves with the seat to ensure the joystick and key control buttons are always in perfect alignment - giving operators precise fingertip control of all key functions.

#8 - Low running costs with a fuel saving of up to 65 per cent compared to rival hydrostatic machines.

#9 - Spacious cab and quiet operation for enhanced comfort.

#10 - Low ground pressure and mechanical drive enables the Agribuggy to thrive in wet conditions when other machines are confined to the yard.

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