#1 Unrivalled traction - Positive drive technology

#2 Comfort and visibility - Available with the Gen III cab curved glass panoramic cab

#3 Superior hauling capacity - Carry payloads of up to 10,000kg while hauling up to 18,000kg

#4 50km/h transport speed - Safe, stable and fuel efficient on the road

#5 Enhanced safety - Consistent even braking on steep banks

#6 Impressive height clearance - Available with a range of large diameter row crops wheels

#7 Low ground pressure - Outstanding power to weight ratio

#8 Greater control - Customise the machine’s performance to the field conditions

#9 Easy to use - Straightforward design layout and ergonomic controls

#10 Unrivalled versatility - The ultimate all-purpose, all-terrain load-carrying vehicle

10 reasons Multidrives set the standard as the ultimate all-terrain load carriers header image