Farmers and contractors from across Europe took the opportunity to get a closer look at the Agribuggy A280 as Kellands showed off its ultimate low ground pressure sprayer at SIMA 2017.

The innovative self-propelled sprayer was put under the spotlight by Kellands French distribution partner ETS Payen, generating a huge amount of interest in its unique feature set.

Kellands director of sales and marketing Keith Pashley said: “The Agribuggy is very different from traditional hydrostatic sprayers. Its mechanical drive technology and unrivalled low ground pressure offer customers major advantages over rivals, so SIMA was an ideal place to showcase it to a new audience.”

Held in Paris, France, the event is one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious agricultural shows attracting close to a quarter of a million visitors over five days.

The Agribuggy will now take to the road across France for a series of demos with potential customers.

Paris showcase puts Agribuggy on the map in France header image